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TimeShifters, An Introductory Seminar

Upcoming Class: 6-Week, Beginners’ Time Teleclass
This is an intimate and interactive class, and includes a half-hour private consultation within the 6 weeks.

When: Six Thursday Mornings, June 23rd – July 28th 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m., Pacific Time;
Where: Call-in number will be sent via email after you sign up.
Cost: $249, if paid by early bird deadline; $289 after that.

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TimeShifters is a powerful seminar that will help you discover a new way of thinking about time. Become a TimeShifter and your energy output will equal energy input—when you expend energy, you get a return for it.

What you learn in the seminar:

  • Shift out of linear time – Time management systems focus on linear time. This is not the solution. Shifting to spiritual time allows you to reconnect with your own dreams and visions, let go of non-essentials, and create the magic of time to have what you want.
  • Choicemaking – Becoming conscious of where your time currently goes, and creating the plan for what you want to be doing, gives you choice and freedom.
  • Time boundaries – Once conscious of your time, you may discover it’s being drained away on activities and projects (or by people!) you aren’t interested in. Everyone else controls your time but you. Time boundaries give you the structure to support yourself in having the life you want.

Advanced Time Planning

This two-day teleclass focuses on keeping your life balanced and creating your time plan for a full month while looking at the year ahead. We will look at your personal to-do list and make sure those items are included in your plan. Come prepared with a chart/account of the way you actually spent your time for one full week and a Master To-Do list. This is the list of all the things you ever needed and/or wanted to do, now and for all time!

It will consist of two 2-hour classes on May 18th and June 8th, from 10 am -12 pm Pacific time. The cost will be $200 if paid before April 30th and $249 thereafter. This fee includes a half hour of coaching.

To participate, you must have previously attended one of the beginner, month- or day-long, TimeShifters Seminars.

Plan Your Year-Ahead, the TimeShifters Way

This class will give participants a chance to look over the whole year ahead, month-by-month, to focus on including both daily and more long-term goals.

What do you want to make sure to include in each day?  When would you like to finish that book proposal, CD, or remodel?  Is there room in this year to finally take that trip or retreat you’ve been putting off?  What have you missed in previous years because you didn’t plan for it?

Applying Leslie’s time-shifting principles to the full year ahead will ensure that it’s a year filled with what matters most, and possibly even one in which dreams are realized.

Bring your Master To-Do List of everything you’ve ever wanted to do, ever—including what’s current—and especially things that you know you don’t have time for.

Each participant will walk away with a personal time plan for  the upcoming year.

The next Plan Your Year Ahead class will be offered in January 2017. Details to come.

Monthly Time Planning Class

Learn to “pack your suitcase,” not over stuff it. This teleclass will meet on April 29th from 1-2pm to create a complete time plan for the month ahead.  It’s a great way to get one-on-one attention for a reasonable cost.  We will make sure the things you most enjoy and want to accomplish are included in your plan.

Come prepared with your calendar and your Master To-Do list. This is the list of all the things you ever needed or wanted to do, now and for all time!

To participate, you must have previously attended one of the beginner, month- or day-long TimeShifters Seminars, or the One-Day Advanced time class.

For more information, see the class schedule.

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